Welcome everyone, my name is Elle, an enthusiastic photographer who enjoys a coastal lifestyle in Perth, Australia, to watch the sunset across the beaches and ocean each day and aims to bring these images to life in my photos. If you want to know a bit more, feel free to visit About.

Brighton beach – Sunset – March 2018

After a busy day looking after a four month old baby, I strolled down the road to beautiful Brighton Beach to unwind, and what a view to unwind to!  The fishermen were packing up, the birds were flying home and the crescent moon was shining bright as the sun set over the Indian ocean.  Hopefully I have captured some of that magic for you to see in this gallery.

Trigg beach – Moody Sunset – March 2018

Stumbling into this spectacular sunset while trying to complete an 8km walk with a friend, of course I had to stop and capture the incredible colours cast over the sky and across the clouds as the sun said good night.

Cottesloe – Sculpture by the Sea March 2018


Each year artists from around the world showcase their work at several different locations, including over 100 sculptures at Cottlesloe beach, Perth,  For the last two years, I have been lucky enough to visit and shoot some of this work, unfortunately it is always rather crowded but I hope I have still managed to capture the unique and unusual artwork.